Welcome to Pack Leader Academy, Chicago’s south suburbs finest dog care facility and behavior center located in Palos Heights.  We specialize in all-breed professional dog grooming, dog behavior training, human instruction classes and canine nutrition.  Our extensive experience in all facets of these areas allows us to provide the highest level of care for your pet.

We are family owned and operated since 1993 and understand that personal service is the difference.  We will take the individual time to care for your pet that you and they deserve.

Stop by and check out our newest Grooming Spa Why we do this Full training and lecture facility onsite.

Owner/Operators Pam and Vic Barnett have brought over 25 years of experience and applied that knowledge and passion to create one of the finest dog spa’s in the south suburbs.

Our mission is to help dog owners live in true harmony with their “Best Friend”.

Our dogs can lead us on a spiritual journey. Remember they are happy just being a dog.

True harmony can only be accomplished if a dog is “balanced”.  So many pets today have behavior issues simply because of a lack of knowledge of the pet owners.  When a dog is balanced, they are more inclined to handle new experiences better and not be timid or fearful.

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Feel free to email us or call anytime.  Sometimes the littlest changes in your behavior will create the most positive impact in your pets. Come take our classes and learn the basics to advanced work.


Products designed and tested by our staff to help you with you're training needs.

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We encourage love and respect for all animals

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